Torn by life, bound by the streets.

“19-2” refers to the 19th precinct and 2 being the ID number of the police cruiser. This character driven drama revolves around the day to day life of two Montreal Police Department officers – Nick Barron (Adrian Holmes), a veteran troubled city cop who recently returned to the force after loosing his partner; and Ben Chartier (Jared Keeso), a newly transferred officer from a rural town in Quebec. Coming from different backgrounds and life experiences, this dramatic series unravels the tension between the two characters, as the story develops Nick and Bens antagonism and mistrust for one another reveal scenes of mutual respect with a glimmering chance at a true partnership. The show also introduces the viewer to the police squadrion of district 19 delivering intense moments of hostility, loyalty, friendships and betrayal both on and off duty. A truly impactful character study as the story develops.

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