Frankie & Alice

Inspired by an Amazing True Story.

Francine L. Murdoch (Frankie) is a go-go dancer who unknowingly suffers from dissociative identity disorder caused by a traumatic childhood event which she has repressed. Battling to remain her true self while struggling with her alter egos: 1) Frankie – African American Female in her early 30’s, 2) Alice – Southern Caucasian Racist female and lastly 3) Genius – A young African American Female with an Age range of 8 to 12 with an IQ of 156. One evening after an altercation Frankie ends up in a psychiatric hospital where she meets Dr. Joseph Oswald. Dr. Oz diagnoses her with multiple personality disorder and works with her to uncover the mystery of the inner voices that haunt her aiding in the healing process and helping her take control of her life semi integrating the personas she has created.

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